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Workforce Optimisation for Distribution Centres

Distribution Centres are facing new workforce challenges

Your orders are expected yesterday

Customers are increasingly demanding a higher service level. You’re challenged to anticipate specific demands, work with high volume volatility and work quickly, often relying heavily on agency staff. Your supply chain and logistics are most-likely optimised, so what else can you do?

Employees want and can demand more

High demand, fixed rotations and overtime are common in your daily operations. It’s therefore no wonder that employees would welcome change. Question remains: how do you relieve the pressure and cater to their preferences?

Labour laws are changing

More and more changes are made to labour laws and more regulations are introduced to provide better protection for employees in the long and short term. How will you deal with these changes in labour laws and regulations? 

AI services to maximise utilisation and handle disruptions

Reduce planning complexity and speed-up the process

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Getting everyone at the right time and place while dealing with service KPIs, labour laws, employee qualifications and costs can be challenging when doing it manually. Reduce this planning complexity and use the flexibility and ease of AI driven scheduling to make better schedules for different scenarios in significantly less time.

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Maximize utilisation and manage agency staff wisely

With Hourly Profile Creation

Distribution centres are a 24/7 business and orders come and go. Get an hourly breakdown of all order handling activities and required headcount to get every order shipped within their expected timeframe. Optimise further by predicting when volumes increase, automatically allocating MHE and comparing the costs of hiring agency staff or paying for overtime to meet unexpected demand peaks.

Handle disruptions throughout the day

With Day of Operations rescheduler

Even when you are fully prepared for the day of operations, unexpected changes of inbound or outbound shipments can always pop up. To make sure that operations don’t run behind, we re-optimise schedules in real-time to account for sick leave, long-running tasks, and unexpected demand fluctuations.

Give your employees more flexibility

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Assign your employees to shifts while respecting their work/life balance. Let your employees participate in the shift planning process by adhering to as many of their personal preferences as possible in the fairest and most transparent way. We ensure employee happiness in rosters at the lowest costs while maintaining service levels.

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Comply with all labour laws

With Automated Employee Scheduling

From minimum staffing rules to break regulations, our algorithms always fully comply with all relevant labour laws and regulations. You will automatically get a list of violations in schedules that adhere to laws but compromised on softer business rules.

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Meet long term service levels

With Capacity Management

Service levels have to be met now and in the future. To make sure you also have the employees with the right skills in a few months, you need to know which hiring and training decisions to make right now. Use Capacity Planning to get an actionable outlook on future staffing needs. Find the optimal mix of part-time and full-time employees to maintain service levels and calculate the costs inclined.

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Compliance with local labour laws and regulations


Improvement of employee efficiency


Of employees indicated that their schedules are fairer using Widget Brain services.