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Workforce Optimisation for Call Centers


Demand is more volatile than ever

Predicting future demand is challenging, as the incoming number of calls, chats and other channels involve large uncertainty. This makes it tough to know exactly how many agents you need across the board to service your customers during peaks and troughs.

High turnover rates are too common

Agents are often not happy with the working hours and schedules created. As employees have specific skill sets and knowledge of your business, you have another reason to retain them. With low schedule flexibility and uneven breaks, however, how can you make sure to do that? 

Multi-channel and compliance challenges arise

Different locations have different labour laws and regulations. Scheduling agents working in different parts of the world to make sure your nightshift needs are met is a complex task. On top of that, you have to assign multi-skilled tasks and multi-channel shifts. How will you operate efficiently while staying fully compliant? 

AI Services for Call Centers

Accurately Forecast Agent Staffing Demand

With Labour Demand Forecasting

Predict future demand per type of call up to one month or even one week in advance by taking factors and time zones unique for each location into consideration. Minimise under- and overstaffing accordingly to reduce long waiting times and maximise customer satisfaction.

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Automate your scheduling to decrease planning time

With Shift Creation & Shift Filling

Automate your planning by using the flexibility of AI-driven scheduling to create shifts that fully cover demand in significantly less time. Allow multi-skilled agents to give great service throughout different channels, including web chat or calls.

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Ensure 100% compliance to labour laws and regulations

With Shift Creation & Shift Filling

Be it scheduling breaks within fixed or rotating shifts or minimising overtime. Our automated agent scheduling tool ensures you comply with all the mandatory requirements around labour laws and find the most efficient workload fit.

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Re-prioritise tasks for unexpected changes and disruptions

With Task Scheduling

Plan and assign tasks within shifts to ensure the right agents are assigned the right calls based on skill levels. Spread tasks across shifts based on the current state, available shifts, required workload and re-optimise breaks, tasks and finding the right replacements for sick agents.

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