The best work schedules ever made

Automate your work schedules to make customers, employees and you happy.

Scheduling made better, easier and happier

Widget Brain is the leading provider of AI services for Workforce Management. Our Automated Employee Scheduling service optimises your scheduling while taking all your local business specifics into account, leading to higher customer and employee happiness, improved margins and reduction of lost sales.

Happy customers

Customers love to be serviced quickly. Schedules that put the right people at the right time and place allows you to increase customer throughput.

Happy employees

Happy employees make happy customers. Make your employees happy with schedules that can be made earlier, ensure breaks and match their working preferences.

Happy planning

Making fair and compliant schedules can be challenging. That’s why we offer you to automatically create schedules without breaking labour laws and compromising on customer service.

Automated Employee Scheduling

The complete service consists out of two algorithms: Shift Creation and Shift Filling. They provide most value when working together, but they are also perfectly fine on their own.

Shift Creation

Automatically create the right shifts for every department, role and skill to serve your customers within targeted service levels while adhering to all relevant business rules.

Shift filling

Assign your employees to shifts depending on their role, skill set and contract types. Our solution takes employee preferences into account and avoids violations of labour laws.

Step 1 - Shift Creation: The perfect shifts for everyone

Ever wondered what fewer shifts do with your service level? Do you need to know how many employees you need of each kind? Want to make sure that your employees get the break they deserve? Get answers to all these questions with our Shift Creation algorithm.

Diminish the ‘rule of thumb’

Consider the whole scenario when generating a shift, including all time periods, roles, skills, and relevant business rules.

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Optimise between objectives

Control the weights between competing priorities and calculate the costs of adding a shifts, letting customers wait or adding overtime

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Cover as much of the demand curve as you want

  1. Start with a demand curve and shift types that are defined by start and end times, employee type and costs.
  2. Consider time needed for non-customer related tasks, breaks, and average time spent per customer
  3. Minimise total number of shifts and overtime created, while still maximising compliance and customer satisfaction
  4. Allow undercoverage of demand to save costs, and forbid undercoverage to maintain a higher customer service.

Step 2 - Shift Filling: Schedules that show you care

The day that employees get their schedules, they will see that their preferences have been respected. This not only shows you care about them, but will increase their productivity as well. And you get to be extra happy because schedules comply to all rules and local labour laws.

Respect employee preferences and staffing rules

Automatically assign employees to shifts while balancing preferences with staffing rules like skills and role restrictions, planned leave, minimum rest times and max hours per week.

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Get schedules right from the start

Create the schedule in one step where overtime and shift premiums are reduced and the probability of having to change schedules mid-operations is minimised.

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Assign the right people to the created shifts

  1. The Filling Algorithm will automatically assign employee IDs to shifts while taking employee preferences, staffing rules and labour laws into account.
  2. Any shifts that cannot be assigned within the constraints are highlighted, and are still open to be assigned through employee bidding or overtime processes.
  3. Labour laws and mandatory rules will never be broken, but when all shifts are assigned, a summary of softer rule violated will be provided.

The complete Workforce Optimisation package

Our Shift Creation and Shift Filling algorithms are powerful alone, but they are more valuable in combination with our Labour Demand Forecasting, and Workforce Capacity Management Algorithms.

Optimise your workforce planning from beginning to end. Get the right people at the right time in the far future with Capacity Planning, but also optimise your workforce in the short term by accurately forecasting labour demand and automatically creating and filling those shift.

Labour demand forecasting

Predict future demand for strategic staffing and planning for the impact of holidays, seasonality, and events.

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Labour Budgeting

Get actionable insights on the gap between future supply and demand – And make strategic hiring / cross-training decisions within budget accordingly.

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