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Why every OEM should collect data from their machines

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Machines are gold mines for data that can be used to forge valuable business decisions. This data will tell OEMs everything they want to know about their machines. For example: where they are being used and how they are being used. Fueled by IoT and remote monitor and control, these insights provide OEMs and their customers the knowledge to better anticipate and react on machine performance. It ultimately allows OEMs to provide better services to their customers and with the rise of AI in the industry, it opens the gateway to predictive maintenance and autonomous machines.  


As the value of data and their application becomes more and more apparent, more companies start collecting and using it. Innovation forerunners, like Houdijk Holland, for example, use IoT to provide their customers with better insights on how their machines work to prevent downtime. Davey Water Products has implemented IoT into their product to make remote monitor and control of water pumps possible, which is a handy solution for customers who have their pumps located somewhere distant. These companies try to provide more value to their customers by offering better services. With real-time insights on the status of machines and the possibility to control remotely, service engineers no longer have to be near the machine to be able to intervene when that’s necessary. It saves unnecessary costs and reduces CO2.


This development is powered by the increasingly accessible Internet of Things (IoT). The trend of connecting all assets is driven by the downward trend of prices of sensors, microprocessors and wireless technologies that once cost a fortune and are now available for as little as a cup of coffee. Each asset that is connected allows for data, collected through sensors, to be sent to the cloud. This connection makes it possible to use data to make more comprehensive applications: like real-time warnings and other notifications that enable immediate interventions. This will provide powerful information that allows OEMs and customers to operate smarter and to optimise performance.


The real value of collecting data and gaining insights, however, goes far beyond (remote) monitor and control. The collected data is the perfect source for algorithms and AI to improve OEE and even predict maintenance. These applications of AI in industrial equipment makes unexpected machine failures and unplanned downtime things of the past, resulting in lower overhead costs and better customer service.


Widget Brain and our partners can help OEMs to set up the data infrastructure they need to start collecting data. We provide the platform (ALFA) and the algorithms to make machines smarter and more efficient. Want to know more about the Monitor and Control possibilities for your business and our intelligent algorithms? Contact us today at to stay ahead of the pack.