Enable Autonomous decision-making in

Recycling Logistics

From collection to redistribution, let algorithms analyse and optimise.



Algorithms as a Service for Recycling

Widget Brain is dedicated to helping recycling businesses improve their competitiveness by cutting collection costs, optimising recycling rates and lowering carbon emissions.

We do so by offering accurate forecasts based on sensor fill rate data, automating capacity planning and optimising both static and dynamic routes.

Our software uses real-time data from bins, trucks and ERP-systems to optimise operations for small and large fleets of trucks with distributed depot networks. 


this is what we do

Pick up forecasting

Get accurate insights in future pick-up and service orders based data from fill rates sensors. Our algorithms translate historical and real-time data into clear action points for fleet, asset and inventory management.

Capacity planning

Automatically optimise a capacity planning based on pickups, trucks and trailers capacity, drop sites and depots. From allocating trucks for pickups to route optimisation, our tailored algorithms improve SLA, reduce logistics cost, and maximize asset efficiency.


Turn orders automatically in optimal routes. Our smart algorithms take parameters like stacking rules for SKIPs, access restrictions of city centers, capacity of trucks, multiple depots and customer time windows preferences in account to maximize route efficiency.

Dynamic Routing

Use accurate fill rate data to predict when bins are full and automate and adapt your planning to cope with personnel absence or material breakdown. Respond to change in real time to always stay on the most efficient collection track.


Available services

Wheelie Bins

  • Dynamic routing
  • Multiple fractions
  • Truck capacity


Reduced travelling distance, reduced planning time, customer profiling


  • Forecasting engine
  • Dynamic routing
  • Blockage detection


Regional fill rate prediction, reduced travelling distance, dynamic routing


  • Forecasting engine
  • Dynamic routing
  • Blockage detection


Regional fill rate prediction, reduced travelling distance, dynamic routing

Mini Collect

  • 3D cubing to model capacity
  • Dynamic routing


Reduced planning time, dynamic routing, reduced travel distance

The algorithm factory

this is alfa

Use our world-leading algorithms to automate your operational decision making.

Simply connect your data to our microservices API. Widget Brain provides a scalable, cloud-native data platform. It’s cloud independent, secure and allows for rapid scaling in terms of data, nodes, components and machines. It acts as the central data repository for all of the specific Widget Brain components.


Use our optimisation models using the latest machine learning, pattern recognition and A.I. technology.



Our Microservices-based strategy allows you to absorb intelligent modules into your current IT-infrastructure or directly on your equipment.


Speed, security, scale

Run complex calculations on high volumes of data and get your answer in milliseconds by using our scalable serverless code infrastructure.


Real time

Re-optimise your operations in real-time based on the latest information available.



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