What will be the impact of technology on your business model?


Step 1: Demo

Technology is going to have a significant impact on the way you are running your business and the value you deliver to your customers. Let us show you how the Algorithm Factory can help you accelerate innovation in your organisation. During a live demo, we will show you what is possible with The Algorithm Factory and discuss the benefits of our technology for your industry.


Step 2: Business Scan

The Widget Brain Business Scan is a structured methodology aimed at providing you an investment proposal that covers all relevant aspects when your organisation is going to implement The Algorithm Factory.


The Business Scan delivers you the following components:

  • Business value of opportunity
  • Data quality review
  • How to integrate into your IT architecture
  • Security / Privacy overview
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Budget and investment proposal


With our Business Scan you will get a clear overview about the impact, the implementation process and the business case. Start now.


Step 3: Prototype

The scope of the prototype depends on results from the Business Scan. Based on a static dataset from your organisation will develop a prototype to demonstrate how the eligible features. Based on this prototype the final specs for the production version can be defined.


Step 4: MVP / Live Solution

After successfully demonstrating a prototype, we will scope out the requirements to scale the prototype to operate in a live environment with a live data feed. The Algorithm Factory is designed to integrate easily into your IT architecture.


Step 5: Enterprise Rollout

Once up and running, the application can be extended to either multiple end users or it can be extended with more functionality and interfaces in order to enhance the usability and effectiveness.


For questions, please visit our contact page at www.widgetbrain.com/contact or hit the chat box on the bottom right of the screen.






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