Asset owners in modern times

AI services for asset owners

We work for companies just like yours

The market demands constant productivity increase

The knowledge and skills gap is increasing

30% of your loyal workforce is about to retire and the new generation of digital-native workers is less interested in the repetitive shift based working.

How do you keep your operations running while ensuring safety, compliance, uptime and performance?

Performance is a moving target

Your competitors and material suppliers put pressure on your margins. 

How do you make sure you increase labour and machine productivity?

Laws are changing

Safety standards and environmental laws are becoming stricter.

How will you make sure you keep your license to operate and create a sustainable business?


New capabilities improve your maintenance operations

Knowing what will happen and when will allow you to allocate the right people, with the rights knowledge and skills at the right time to make sure problems you want to avoid will not occur.

Increase your first time right by diagnosing faults immediately and make sure you keep your license to operate

Prioritise maintenance jobs and allow your valuable people to focus on complex problems in stead of solving minor problems all the time

Use data driven insights to adjust your asset performance strategy

AI services behind the best maintenance schedules

Link your data to a root cause

with Root Cause Analysis

Store knowledge in a digital knowledge base of patterns and link them to their root causes.

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Automatically know what is happening

With Fault Diagnosis

Apply your digital knowledge base to automatically diagnose a fault when it occurs and take action directly.

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Predict what failure will happen when

With Failure Prediction

Determine when a condition leads to a critical machine failure and calculate the remaining useful life of the machine.

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Manage your planned downtime

With Maintenance Scheduling

Create realistic schedules whilst ensuring compliance, safety and maximise uptime and performance within budget and time constraints.

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