See machine failures coming

Unplanned downtime will officially be something of the past

Predict what failure will happen when

Automatically predict the remaining useful life of your machines by using our advanced failure prediction service.

Reduce costly downtime

Minimise unplanned downtime by getting real-time insight into how long you have until (critical) components will require maintenance.

Allocate the right resources

Make sure the right spare parts and experts are available to avoid catastrophic failures well in advance.

Find the best maintenance window

Determine the most optimal maintenance window by optimising between maintenance costs and performance loss and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Most accurate failure predictions

Asset specific strategies

Create specific predictive models per asset per failure mode for the highest accuracy.

Make it transparent

Know exactly why a prediction was made, give feedback and tune your results to perfection.

Integrate with your system

See results in any system. Receive a service job in your asset management system, or get notified via SMS or email.

Determine your time to failure

The output of our fault diagnosis is point ‘A’ on the failure curve. Here you can detect potential machine failure. However, in order to determine the best maintenance moment, you want to understand when your machine is expected to break down at ‘B’.

Our Failure prediction service learns from all your detected faults and consequently determines how long you have until you get to point ‘B’, which is your remaining useful life ‘C’.  As every asset behaves differently, we will configure a failure prediction service for every one of them to make sure you will never miss a fault.

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