Experts in Autonomous Decision making

Reinventing operations with AI technology

Connect your asset

  • Data collection
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote control

Understand your asset

  • Identify failures
  • Predict maintenance
  • Understand customer usage

Optimise the ecosystem

  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Lower downtime & maintenance costs
  • Improve service levels


  • Automate decision making
  • Near zero marginal costs

Our customers:

Machine Brain

Gain real-time visibility and actionable insights for every component, integration, and configuration of your equipment to optimise operational processes. Our algorithms connect, innovative, and optimise to drive value for your business.

Connected industry

We support global oil & gas terminal operators to monitor and control specific assets in the plant in real-time. We use the data to feed a predictive capability on critical assets and perform root-cause analysis on specific alerts, resulting in higher asset availability and lower maintenance costs.


For a recycling company we forecast their collection routes based on sensor data and subsequently introduce the concept of picking up waste bins dynamically.

Our micro-services

Machine learning & forecasting

Connected products

Dynamic routing

Product configuration (CPQ)



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