Experts in Autonomous Decision making

Reinventing operations with AI technology

Connect your asset

  • Data collection
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote control

Understand your asset

  • Identify failures
  • Predict maintenance
  • Understand customer usage

Optimise the ecosystem

  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Lower downtime & maintenance costs
  • Improve service levels


  • Automate decision making
  • Near zero marginal costs

Our customers:

Connected industry

We support global oil & gas terminal operators to monitor and control specific assets in the plant in real-time. We use the data to feed a predictive capability on critical assets and perform root-cause analysis on specific alerts, resulting in higher asset availability and lower maintenance costs.

Connected equipment

For a OEM pump manufacturer we develop a new connected industrial pump for remote monitoring, control and predictive maintenance.

Connected logistics

For a recycling company we forecast their collection routes based on sensor data and subsequently introduce the concept of picking up waste bins dynamically.

Our micro-services

Machine learning & forecasting

Connected products

Dynamic routing

Product configuration (CPQ)



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