Full compliance. More Sales. Happier Employees.

Workforce Optimisation Services For Quick Service Restaurants

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The QSR business never stands still

New local labour laws are introduced

Whether it’s predictive scheduling laws or social rights standards, it’s in everyone's best interest to make sure you always comply with any new law, rule or standard. 

Losing sales is a matter of seconds

Short queues enable more sales. With the rise of competition and home delivery, hungry consumers can only turn into happy customers when queues are short and their bellies are filled fast.

Employee happiness is more important than ever

Turnover in the QSR industry has increased significantly over the years. Employee happiness is therefore more important than ever to retain workers and meet service standards.

The best AI services for compliance, sales and happiness

See customers coming

with Labour Demand Forecasting

Serve quickly and avoid lost sales by knowing exactly when to expect (off) peak hours for both  in-store and delivery services and reduce waiting times to maximise customer satisfaction.

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Comply with all labour laws

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Fully comply with all relevant labour laws and regulations and get a list of violations in schedules that adhere to laws but compromised on softer business rules.

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Give your employees a break

With Shift Filling

Beat turnover by assigning your employees fairly to shifts that fit their preferences, reduce overtime and calculate necessary breaks in when demand allows it.

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Maintain standards and targets

With Shift Creation and Shift Filling

Your restaurant/shift managers can spend entire days re-optimising schedules. Automate it to meet the same service and labor targets everywhere and make scheduling feel like a breeze.

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Compliance with all national and local labour laws.


Forecasting accuracy in 15-minute time buckets


Weekly cost savings per location


Our AI services have standard connections with the following WFM systems. If your WFM system is not listed, contact us to discuss custom integration options.