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Be prepared for the unexpected

A flexible and efficient employee schedule will help you to be prepared for the unexpected situations that might occur. Having the right and enough employees at hand to help you serve your guests, even under unexpected situations and circumstances, to the best of your ability.

The guest experience

With the internet as their weapon, one bad guest review can damage your hotel's reputation. The experience and service your employees offer to your guests determines the hotel’s success. Especially now it is therefore essential to serve your guests to the best of your ability.

Work life balance, happy employees

The industry naturally deals with high employee turnover due to its demand fluctuations and unorthodox schedules. By making schedules that are fair, transparent and include employees’ individual preferences you will retain happy employees and have the ability to focus solely on employee and guest satisfaction.

Comply with all labour laws and regulations

Labour laws in the hospitality industry can be complicated, confusing or difficult to adhere to. Bear in mind that these laws are instituted to protect your employees. We guarantee a roster that is always 100% labour law compliant, even if there are new laws or regulations introduced.

AI services for compliance, costs, performance and happiness in Hotels

See the guests coming

With Labour Demand Forecasting

Instead of basing your workforce on tradition or an expected occupancy percentage, you want to be optimally prepared for arriving guests. You also want to know exactly how many guests you can expect and what their needs are depending on the season, events, promotions or other external factors.

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Comply with all labour or company specific regulations

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Fully comply with all relevant labour laws and regulations and get a list of violations in schedules that adhere to laws but are compromised on softer business rules.

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Provide the best service

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Minimise waiting times at front desks, automatically schedule tasks following check-outs and ensure the floor is squeaky clean at all times with rosters that cover demand and meet customer expectations.

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Give your employees a break

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Beat turnover by assigning your employees fairly to shifts that fit their preferences and private lives, forbid 8+ hour working days and calculate necessary breaks in when demand allows it.

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