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Workforce Optimisation for Facility Services

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The facility services space is evolving

Employees want and can demand more

Your business success depends on the staff you are able to recruit, train and keep. Unemployment rates are dropping and it is increasingly difficult to find the right staff and retain them.

Labour laws are changing

Minimum wages are raised, schedules have to be pushed out earlier and breaks have to be actively enforced to provide better protection to your employees. How will you deal with these changes in labour laws and regulations? 

Service levels are more demanding

Customers are increasingly demanding a higher service level so you need to adapt to specific customer demands. How do you run your operations effectively taking a high variety of demands into account? 

AI services for compliance and happiness in Facility Services

Meet long term service levels

with Labour Budgeting

Service levels have to be met now and in the future. To make sure you also have the employees with the right skills in a few months, you need to know which hiring and training decisions to make right now. Use Labour Budgeting to get an actionable outlook on future staffing needs within your budget.

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Comply with all labour laws

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Fully comply with all relevant labour laws and regulations and get a list of violations in schedules that adhere to laws but compromised on softer business rules.

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Give employees the breaks they need

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Facility services are a 24/7 business. Night and weekend shifts are therefore common, but too many of them without proper rest in between shifts affect your employees’ health and productivity. Assign your employees to shifts while respecting their life/work balance.

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Reduce planning complexity

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Getting everyone at the right time and place while dealing with SLAs, labour laws and costs can be challenging when doing it manually. Reduce this planning complexity and use the flexibility and ease of AI driven scheduling to make better schedules in significantly less time.

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Compliance to labour laws and rules


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Our AI services have standard connections with the following WFM systems. If your WFM system is not listed, contact us to discuss custom integration options.