Achieve maximum employee performance by scheduling for each individual supermarket

Automated Employee Scheduling for Supermarkets


Volatile demand in different departments

To make sure products are shelved and customers are attended, you need to staff sufficient people at all times. But how do you identify peak hours from slower periods, especially since they can differ per department and time of the day?

Employee turnover rates are rising

Recent studies found this rate to be as high as 65% for part-time workers. Employees want and demand more flexibility in terms of when they want to work and require a better work-life balance. Retaining trained employees is becoming more difficult.

Ensuring the right people do the right job is not easy

Each department requires different roles and skills. It’s a complex task to manually assign multi-skilled and multi-department shifts. How will you perfectly match the need for qualified employees who are skillful to perform the right jobs in a cost-efficient manner?

Low productivity and high idle time are more prevalent

Certain tasks need to be performed by employees with the right skills. As tasks vary per day, how do you prioritise to ensure smooth handling of operations and all tasks are fulfilled by the right person on time?

AI Services for supermarkets

Accurately Forecast Staffing Demand & Future Sales

With Labour Demand Forecasting

Predict the future demand per unique category for each supermarket up to one month or even one week by taking local factors into account. Minimise under- and overstaffing, thus reducing long lines at the register and maintaining the right number of SKUs to ensure high in-store customer experience.

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Automate your scheduling to decrease the planning time from 4 hrs to 15 mins

With Shift Creation & Shift Filling

Automate your planning by using the flexibility of AI-driven scheduling to create shifts that fully cover demand in significantly less time. Allow your departments to be covered from your check-outs to your product category areas by trained staff who can provide maximum customer experience.

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Automatically prioritise tasks to accommodate unexpected changes and disruptions

With Task Scheduling

Plan and assign tasks within shifts to ensure the right people are performing the right task based on skill levels. Spread tasks across shifts based on the current state, available shifts, required workload and re-optimise for disruptions like sick leave days in advance.

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Ensure 100% compliance to labour laws and regulations

With Shift Creation & Shift Filling

From scheduling breaks to minimising overtime, our automated employee scheduling tool ensures you comply with all the mandatory requirements around labour laws and company regulations.

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Additional services

Solve your logistical challenges!

Batching without errors is difficult

Your pickers are ready to start packing, but how are you making sure that your zones are organised efficiently to reduce the trips and travel distance that are made?

Optimal use of bins & crates is challenging

Unpacking, reworking, mismanaged space and excessive use of shipping material results in high transport costs and increases handling time of your employees. How optimal are your bins being packed?

AI Services for supermarkets

Identify optimal pick-path combinations to reduce lost time

With Picking Task

Decrease (if not eliminate) time spent when walking down aisles due to an explosive number of combinations for someone to pick orders from. Get maximum employee performance by correcting these inefficiencies in the business process.

Minimise transportation costs and travel time

With Bin Packing

Reduce handling time by strategically packing crates to ensure optimal use of your transport vehicles. Service more customer orders in significantly less time by utilising your vehicle space better.