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Workforce Optimisation for Childcare

Let's make compliant and efficient schedules

Labour laws are changing

Minimum wages are raised, schedules have to be pushed out earlier and breaks have to be actively enforced to provide better protection to your employees. How will you deal with these changes in labour laws and regulations?

Compliance is a non-negotiable

Maintaining ratio over the entire day and ensuring enough qualified staff are scheduled is a daily struggle for childcare workers. It is challenging to balance compliance without overstaffing.

The market is increasingly competitive

With new centres being opened regularly, changes to the local market can be disruptive. How will you differentiate the quality of your service while staying affordable?

AI Services to Ensure Compliance and Minimise Costs

Make compliance simple and speed-up the process

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Don’t rely on counting ratios throughout the day to manage your compliance obligations. Getting ratios right and ensuring you have enough qualified staff all of the time is impossible when done manually. AI-driven scheduling can provide assurance that your centre is always compliant and takes the hassle out of the process by creating schedules in just five minutes.

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Predict attendance and optimise schedules

With Labour Demand Forecasting

Take the guesswork out of planning employee schedules for your centre by using AI predictive modelling to know how many children to expect per room across the day. Use the model to create optimised schedules based on labour laws and compliance requirements. Plan breaks and schedule float shifts to cover them automatically.

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Handle unexpected changes to attendance

With Labour Demand Forecasting

Use historical data to adjust for unexpected circumstances like no-shows, walk-ins, and local or national events that may impact attendance as part of the forecasting process. Incorporate these elements into future schedules to get ahead of potential disruptions before they happen.

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Play the long game

With Labour Budgeting

Don’t wait with hiring extra staff until it’s too late. To make sure you have qualified employees with the right skills in the coming periods, you need to know which hiring and training decisions to make right now. Plan for the long term using different scenarios and get an actionable outlook on future staffing needs. Understand spare centre capacity and the labour impact of a higher occupancy rate.

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Compliance with local labour laws and regulations


Accuracy when predicting attendance


Improvement in scheduling efficiency