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Workforce Optimisation for Retail

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The retail market is evolving

Labour laws are changing

Minimum wages are raised, schedules have to be pushed out earlier and breaks have to be actively enforced to provide better protection to your employees. How will you deal with these changes in labour laws and regulations? 

Your service level determines your sales

While competition is increasing online, brick and mortar plays a key role for sales. With an abundance of shops to buy from, customer experience matters more than ever to avoid lost sales.

Employees want and can demand more

Employee turnover is still high in retail and  qualified and skilled employees are increasingly harder to find. Retaining employees should therefore be a priority in the workforce management strategy of retailers.

AI services for compliance, sales and happiness in Retail

Estimate sales and visits

With Labour Demand Forecasting

Avoid lost sales by knowing exactly when and what to expect in terms of transactions, foot traffic and other demand drivers to minimise waiting times and maximise customer throughput. 

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Comply with all labour laws

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Fully comply with all relevant labour laws and regulations and get a list of violations in schedules that adhere to laws but compromised on softer business rules.

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Cover all tasks from begin to end

With Automated Employee Scheduling

When you know demand, our AI services translate them to shifts and tasks. This ensures that every customer gets the help it needs, but other tasks like replenishment are not forgotten in schedules. 

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Give your employees a break

With Automated Employee Scheduling

Beat turnover by assigning your employees fairly to shifts that fit their preferences and private lives, minimise overtime and calculate necessary breaks in when demand allows it.

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Our AI services have standard connections with the following WFM systems. If your WFM system is not listed, contact us to discuss custom integration options.