Automated Task Scheduling for Maximum Productivity

Ensure all tasks are performed well in time at the lowest costs.

Making better task schedules for you

Make sure all required tasks are performed at the right time, the right place, and by the right person with our off the shelf task-scheduling algorithm.

Improve Schedule Efficiency

Minimise idle and travel time by grouping tasks into logical shifts while taking pre-defined constraints and requirements into account.

Maximise employee happiness

Fairly distribute all tasks over employees in the most optimal order based on availability, skills, location and personal preferences.

Meet customer preferences

Automatically assign employees based on the possible preferences your customers have to ensure higher customer satisfaction.

The easiest and quickest way to schedule tasks

Comply with rules and skills

We account for employee and customer preferences as much as possible, but we always comply with local labour laws and regulations.

Integrate with your WFM system

Our algorithms are easily plugged into your current rostering system. They are an enhancement, not a replacement.

Reduce manual effort

Plan and assign tasks in your schedules in minutes and build quick what-if scenarios to test other outcomes and possibilities.

Get direct insights into your scheduled tasks

Task scheduling has never been fairer and more transparent. Configure rules and restraints relevant to your business directly in our complimentary UI. Within every shift, see which tasks are assigned to whom, when breaks are scheduled in and what the travel time is between tasks. Plan for different scenarios before pushing results back to your WFM system and sharing them with employees.

The complete Workforce Optimisation package

Task Scheduling is one part of the workforce management process. It works perfectly on its own but it works even better with our entire Workforce Optimisation suite.

Optimise your workforce planning from beginning to end. Make sure all task are executed and assigned to the right people with Task Scheduling, but also optimise your workforce on a higher level by accurately forecasting labour demand and automatically creating and assigning shifts.

Shift Creation and Filling

This automated employee scheduling tool allows you to make optimal shifts that minimise costs while maintaining desired service levels and to assign shifts to employees to reduce overtime, while maximising compliance with labour laws and employee preferences.

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Labour demand forecasting

Predict future demand for strategic staffing and planning for the impact of holidays, seasonality, and events.

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Labour Budgeting

Get actionable insights on the gap between future supply and demand – And make strategic hiring / cross-training decisions accordingly while keeping your labour budget in check.

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