Accurate labour demand forecasting algorithms ready to go

Over and understaffing are officially things of the past

Better plan for the future

Get accurate insights into future labour demand and act correspondingly to strategically plan workforce with our off the shelf demand forecasting algorithm.

Align Supply and Demand

Plan workforce strategically to handle peaks and valleys in demand while maximising customer and employee satisfaction.

Quantify Trends

See & plan for the impact of public holidays, seasonality, and other trends on demand levels.

Increase profitability

Capture more revenue per customer when demand is high and reduce labor costs when demand is low

The shortest path to accurate forecasts

Forecast with high accuracy

Consider all possible demand signals and preferences. Leave averaging behind to make the most accurate forecasts.

Integrate with your system

Our algorithms are easily plugged into your current rostering system. They are an enhancement, not a replacement.

Easily scale forecasts

Make highly accurate AND hyperlocal forecasts for every location with a single click.

Get hyperlocal forecasts

Each of your locations, restaurants or stores is unique and has to deal with different demand signals and trends.

Our forecasting algorithms automatically take all required demand signals, adjustments, and preferences to select the most accurate forecast for each demand signal in each location.

The complete Workforce Optimisation package

Our labour demand forecasting algorithm is powerful alone, but it’s more valuable in combination with our Capacity Planning, Shift Creation and Shift Filling algorithms.

Optimise your workforce planning from beginning to end.

Labour demand forecasting is the perfect base to match capacity to future demand and automatically create and fill shifts to get the right people at the right time.

Labour Budgeting

Get actionable insights on the gap between future supply and demand – And make strategic hiring / cross-training decisions within budget accordingly.

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Shift Creation

Minimise costs, centralise scheduling and create optimal shifts while maintaining desired service levels.

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Shift filling

Assign shifts to employees to reduce overtime, while maximising compliance with labour laws and employee preferences.

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