Labour Budgeting Algorithms for Strategic Staffing Decisions

Managing long-term demand fluctuations has never been easier.

The AI approach to your ideal workforce

Use our labour budgeting algorithms to get an actionable outlook on total labour costs, workload volume breakdown and staffing recommendations - And optimise your workforce model to suit your business needs.

Manage your skill inventory

Close gaps in your current workforce to meet long term work volume requirements; strategically plan staffing levels and hiring decisions to meet the optimal full time to part time ratio per location.

Calculate the impact of what-if scenarios

Create multiple business-realistic scenarios that could impact future staffing and let algorithms do the heavy number crunching.

Optimise your future workforce landscape

Consider resource constraints, costs, attrition, and efficiency rates when determining whether to hire, cross-train, outsource or reallocate resources across your business.

The easiest way to make future capacity decisions

Make accurate forecasts and plans on every level

Our algorithms make position, store, and organisational level recommendations and calculate expected labour costs based on the input provided.

Integrate with your systems and unify data

We combine data from HR, POS and WFM systems to get the best decisions using our labour budgeting algorithm.

Automate your planning and budgeting process

Start saving time and remove guesswork from the equation to solve complex staffing problems with our scalable AI-solution.

The capacity planner for decisions based on your rules and restrictions

Our workforce capacity planning algorithm is designed to deliver results that match your business needs. Simply define projected demand and supply, all your fixed location-specific constraints and business rules to get optimal results on staffing and labour costs that follow your rules, preferences and restrictions.

(HINT: upgrade this solution with our highly accurate labour demand forecasting algorithms!)

The complete Workforce Optimisation package

Our labour budgeting algorithm is powerful alone, but it’s more valuable in combination with our Labour Demand Forecasting, Shift Creation and Shift Filling algorithms.

Optimise your workforce planning from beginning to end.

Get the right people at the right time in the far future with Capacity Planning, but also optimise your workforce in the short term by accurately forecasting labour demand and automatically creating and filling those shift.

Shift Creation

Minimise costs, centralise scheduling and create optimal shifts while maintaining desired service levels.

Shift filling

Assign shifts to employees to reduce overtime, while maximising compliance with labour laws and employee preferences.

Labour demand forecasting

Predict future demand for strategic staffing and planning for the impact of holidays, seasonality, and events.

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