Plan Annual Leave with the best results in no time

Annual Leave Planning has never been fairer

AI technology that’s fairer to humans than humans

Automatically plan annual leave based on rules, requests and past leaves using our off the shelf Annual Leave Planning algorithm.

Create transparency

Increase acceptance by showing why certain requests have been granted and others have been declined.

Remove biases

Only consider past requests and decisions and give everyone a fair chance to get the leave they requested.

Maintain KPIs

Stick to rules set for leave assignments and reduce exceptions to ensure operations continue as usual.

The easiest and quickest way to plan annual leave

Stick to every rule in the book

Make the most out of the laws and rules and generate optimised results without breaking any of them.

Integrate with your WFM system

Requests will automatically be accepted or denied and results will be put back into the WFM system you’re already using.

Plan annual leave in minutes

No matter how many employees you have, our AI service delivers an optimised plan in no time.

How are annual leaves assigned?

The Annual Leave Planning AI-service always results in fair answers based all the leave requests, their priority and previously assigned leave requests. 

The complete Workforce Optimisation package

Planning annual leave is one part of the workforce management process. Planning and scheduling your employees in the strategic long run and on an operational level could be just as powerful for your business.a

Optimise your workforce planning from beginning to end. Get the right people at the right time in the far future with Capacity Planning, but also optimise your workforce in the short term by accurately forecasting labour demand and automatically creating and filling those shifts.

Labour demand forecasting

Predict future demand for strategic staffing and planning for the impact of holidays, seasonality, and events.

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Labour Budgeting

Get actionable insights on the gap between future supply and demand – And make strategic hiring / cross-training decisions within budget accordingly.

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Shift Creation and Filling

This automated employee scheduling tool allows you to make optimal shifts that minimise costs while maintaining desired service levels and to assign shifts to employees to reduce overtime, while maximising compliance with labour laws and employee preferences.

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