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Widget Brain and OXplus win European tender for optimised service planning at the Dutch Railways

Widget Brain and OXplus have won a European tender for optimised service planning at the Dutch Railways (NS). “Thanks to this cooperation, the Dutch Railways will have more trains on the tracks, resulting in fewer delays and more room for passengers”, says Reinier Meerwaldt, Director Solutions at Widget Brain. “We’re proud and excited to implement our algorithms to the service planning of NS! NS has made a great decision in letting modern AI driven technology bring more transparency and better decisions to their maintenance planning.”


On the 15th of February 2018, Widget Brain and OXplus signed the contract with the Dutch Railways to officially launch their collaboration.  This will lead to better maintenance of trains, less downtime and less unnecessary kilometres made by trains.


“This collaboration will be a major leap forward in the communication between our maintenance and service departments”, says Edward Neuteboom, project manager at the Dutch Railways. “We are going to change the way we do our service planning. “At present, too much is being done without proper information. The new capacity planner will help us to avoid having unnecessary kilometers being made by trains to service stations where repairs can’t be made. It will provide more insight into the possibilities and lead to a far better cooperation between our maintenance and service departments.”


Choosing this innovative consortium enables the Dutch Railways to implement the Internet of Things (IoT) and algorithms in their service planning. They will integrate different data systems into one. This project will achieve semi-automatic prioritisation, planning and monitoring of service requests for trains to service stations.


“We are very proud to announce that we, together with our partners at Widget Brain, have signed a brand-new contract with the NS to continue our support regarding predictive and effective maintenance.” says Henri Snijders, co-founder at OXplus. OXplus is an expert in Asset Lifecycle Management. Their expertise ranges from Configuration Management to (Field) Engineering and they are highly successful in the application of their knowledge in the field of IoT, RTM, SmartApps and predictive analytics. Snijders: “OXplus will develop and implement a new and innovative Business Application at the NS.” They will be responsible for the front end of the data, making a clear display of the current real-time status of the data the Dutch Railways has on their trains and service stations.


In the back office, Widget Brain will provide the data computing and autonomous algorithms to offer an optimal decision-making for the allocation of trains to service stations. Widget Brain designs, runs and builds autonomous algorithms to allow companies to make better business decisions. The algorithms come in the form of plug-in intelligence, on top of the current Dutch Railways IT infrastructures. These algorithms are part of ALFA (the algorithm factory), which has the ability to train, retrain and monitor the algorithms.