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Widget Brain Launches North American office based in Philadelphia, PA

In 2016, we focused on scaling and growing our customer base in Europe and Australia.  In that time, we built a strong foundation of customers who see the value in connecting their assets.  Building on this success, we are now opening our newest office in Philadelphia, PA to serve the North American market.

Scaling horizontally – expanding our worldwide footprint – gives us access to a larger customer base and new market opportunities.  Additionally, this expansion allows us to provide better service to our customers. With offices around the world, covering all timezones, we can easily provide 24-hour support to all of our customers who also operate world-wide.  At any time of day, someone in our company is naturally awake, available, and ready to help.


Why Philadelphia?

The obvious reason is that, well, Philly is a great place to start a new business! It’s a vibrant city, with an amazing food culture and a strong history of independence and innovation.  It’s a business hub, with a growing focus on startups: the startup and tech communities here are active, supportive, and welcoming – giving our new US business an excellent foothold to get started.  One more thing that Philly had going for it: Stacy Huffstetler, our newest partner, currently lives in South Philly with her husband and their dog, Bean.  Stacy brings expertise in project delivery (especially around delivering measurable value to customers), team building, and customer relationships.  In her previous role at Quintiq, she helped grow the North American office from approximately 10 to over 100 people.  As a partner at Widget Brain, she is responsible for founding and building our North American office, as well as providing guidance on project implementations worldwide.   



We’re excited to be expanding into the US! We’re looking forward to helping companies in North America operate better, faster, and autonomously.  To say hello or find out more, get in touch with Stacy at or 267.282.1478.