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Widget Brain and Davey Bring AI to Water Management at Home

Davey Water Products has just launched TankSense, the first AI driven water management tool for rainwater tanks. The TankSense consists out of an app and a device to predict fill rate of tanks and is powered by Widget Brain technology.


Many Australian households depend on tank water for daily activities, making tank water management a critical part of their routine. Running out of water can be a huge problem, but Davey Water Products and Widget Brain implemented the latest AI technology to prevent this from ever happening again.


The AI Implementation

To empower households to order water only when it’s needed and not when it’s too late, Widget Brain developed AI driven algorithms to predict the fill rate of the tank. The algorithm predicts when the tank runs out of water by combining sensor data from the TankSense sensor, historical usage data, local rainfall forecasts and roof size. TankSense users will be notified by the app to order water based on these fill rate predictions.


Always Accurate Predictions

The algorithms run on The Algorithm Factory to ensure that they make accurate predictions at all times and can be scaled across all TankSense users. The Algorithm Factory trains, runs and manages AI driven algorithms automatically. It’s infrastructure allows algorithms to be trained on context-specific data sets at scale. This is important for companies that use algorithms for different instances, like Davey Water Products who could potentially have thousands of tanks with each one having their own fill rate prediction algorithm for the best result. To guarantee that predictions will always be accurate, the platform also continuously monitors the algorithms on the quality of their predictions and retrains them automatically when the quality has deteriorated. By running the algorithms on The Algorithm Factory, Davey Water Products will always have the best fill rate predictions for all their customers.


Learn more about TankSense here.