Keep employees happy, improve service levels and reduce costs

WFM with Widget Brain

This is what we can achieve

Widget Brain versus The Benchmark


Lower schedule costs


Less employees who have rule violations


Less deviation from contract hours

Workforce Optimisation


Align supply and demand to get the right people in the right place at the right time, thereby increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Adjust in realtime and reoptimise the schedule as your demand changes.

Increase employee and customer satisfaction by providing the desired service level while taking staffing needs and labor laws in account.


how does it work?

Workforce optimisation is split up in 3 capabilities

1. Labour Demand Forecasting

Predict future demand for strategic staffing and plan for the impact of holidays, seasonality, and events

2. Shift Creation

Minimise costs, centralise scheduling, and create optimal shifts while maintaining desired service levels

3. Shift Filling

Assign shifts to employees to reduce overtime, while maximising compliance with labor laws and employee preferences

1. Labour demand forecasting

Building on historical data, our algorithms forecast the required headcount over time per role or skill, taking into account seasonality, trends, and events. By using this demand data as input to your scheduling and strategic hiring decisions, you can ensure that you’re building the right staffing levels to meet future customer needs.

2. Shift creation

Using the required headcount, our shift creation algorithms find the right balance between rostering people and maintaining service levels. They create the right set of shifts to minimise gaps in coverage: minimising the total number of shifts while still respecting preferences, rules, and regulations.

3. Shift filling

Our shift filling algorithms assign as many shifts as possible to employees by using the preferences of employees and by taking into consideration fatigue rules, compliance rules and costs. This is all done in a matter of seconds so that the focus can turn on the business and not on rostering.

The platform to automatically train, run and manage your AI

The Algorithm Factory designs, runs and manages all your algorithms, guaranteeing quality, availability, security and endless scalability. That’s how we ensure you can always rely on your algorithms to run your operations.

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