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Use IoT to save your home from bushfires

Davey has launched the latest edition to the Davey Firefighter range with “the Remote Start Firefighter”, an IoT enabled engine driven water pump, supported by software provided by Widget Brain. This smart connected water pump can be started remotely in order to protect the homes and businesses that lie in areas that are prone for bushfires, without having to get up close to potential dangerous areas. Protective watering of the area surrounding the premises takes some time to be an effective defender against bushfires and knowing when to activate the defence system becomes critical during a fire event. Having the ability to start the pump remotely allows home owners to activate the system from a safe position. 

As a last defence the pump can also activate automatically when optional heat sensors are installed. The heat sensors trigger the pump to start when reaching a certain temperature, independent of the phone network as during severe fire conditions, SMS reception may be compromised.

Davey and Widget Brain jointly developed a solution to help people to save precious time by remotely controlling their water pump and improve their bushfire defense in order to save their homes.

The Get Connected program of Widget Brain is designed to help OEM’s to make their equipment smart and connected. Davey Water Products sees smart connected equipment as one of the most important differentiators in their industry. Davey is now using now equipment data for remote monitoring, controlling, configuration, failure handling and (predictive) maintenance.

Joel Gresham, General Manager of Innovation:  “Our focus is delivering value to our customers. Information from the field is becoming increasingly important for our customers in making key decisions, particularly for those that are relying on a reliable water supply for theirlivelihood or safety. Internally the data plays a key role in our understanding of how our products are being used and how we can learn to better design the products and user experience.

The ultimate goal is to utilise the data by developing smart algorithms and pattern recognition to deliver truly innovative solutions to our customers problems.

We have received a positive response from the market for the remote start firefighter, confirming we are on the right path with our connected product solutions.”

Berend Berendsen, Founding Partner at Widget Brain: “We are proud to be working on innovative solutions with Davey Water Products. The innovation journey requires agility  and flexible software solutions which we bring to the table. Furthermore the data from the pumps can be further analysed by our micro services to predict breakdowns, find potential leaks and other discrepancies. This will greatly improve the customer experience”