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We at Widget Brain believe a smarter world is a better world. Our algorithms are made to make the world smarter step by step. Did you know that they are nothing but a set of rules?  Even though we breathe algorithms, not every one of us can make them. That’s why we asked ourselves: “What rule do I think will make the world a better place?” Meet the team and find their answers here.

Joachim Arts


"Everyone should unreasonably question authority."

Maarten de Boo

Managing Director EMEA

"On Wednesday we wear pink."

Reinier Meerwaldt

Director Solutions

"Designers should keep in mind that to 4% of the population green and red are not contrasting colours."

Berend Berendsen

Managing Director APAC

"Don't make any decisions on an empty stomach."

Stacy Huffstetler

Managing Director North America

"Life is short. Eat dessert first. "

Anatolii Astakhov

Full Stack Developer

"Write code assuming that whoever will work with it in the future is a psycho who knows where you live."

Bohdan Zdrobko

Full Stack Developer

"Blockchain should be a forbidden conversation topic."

Calvin Wong

Business Development APAC

"It's OK for boys to cry, especially when watching Toy Story."

Christopher Long

Business Development North America

"A good beer should never be wasted - not even a drop!"

Claudio Lazo

Technical Consultant

"Everyone should agree that Star Trek is in fact better than Star Wars."

Eugene Voityk

Full Stack Developer

"The act of beliebing should be actively promoted throughout college. "

Gerben Bas

Technical Consultant

"Don't waste time on quotes."

James Deamer

Business Development AU - NZ

"Always learn by doing, unless feeding bears."

Jeroen Meijer

Technical Consultant

"YMCA should be the warm-up song to every routine."

Joanne Zhang

Marketing and Sales representative

"Cutting spaghetti is a serious crime. "

Margarita Jevsignejeva

Business Consultant

"Snowball fights should be the only legitimate sort of armed conflict between countries. "

Martin Blok

Business Controller

"Money should roll. Otherwise it would have been squared. "

Maruti Vadrevu

Technical Consultant

"Vegetables should be in every meal."

Morris Beek

Technical Consultant

"Everybody should be free to cut their spaghetti if they want to."

Reinout Bom

Business Development EMEA

"Duct tape should be the perfect solution for everything."

Viktor Nikolayenko

Full Stack Developer

"Listening to music should be everyone's duty."

Ties van den Ende

Technical Consultant

"It's gotta be 5 o'clock somewhere."

Yurii Shvets

Front End Developer

"A special mission should be set up to prove the existence of unicorns."


Our new colleague

"Every new employee should be celebrated with a company trip to Hawaii."


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