Find the root cause of your machine faults

To maximise uptime and improve machine performance

Better understand your machines

Together we bridge the gap between patterns in machine data and your own technical expertise. This way, you’ll always have accurate insights in the condition of your machines.

Build your knowledge base

Generate data patterns and store these insights in a digital knowledge base.

Add machine context

Add specific knowledge and context to the generated patterns.

Start optimising OEE

Move from insights to real actions and take appropriate measures to maximise OEE.

Start your root cause analysis from day one

Start small, scale fast

Use different data sources and machine learning methods to detect patterns you didn’t know exist.

Expert in control

Your experts view all labelled patterns and manage the machine knowledge base accordingly.

Integrate with current systems

Root cause analysis is used to interpret machine data, either streaming or batch. Conclusions are integrated in your CMMS system.

Data labelling: the core of root cause analysis

When an unknown data pattern is detected by our algorithms, the maintenance engineer labels the pattern and stores it in the digital knowledge base.

From now on, the root cause analysis automatically interprets the right cause the next time a known pattern is recognised. This way the knowledge base matures over time and you know how to diagnose more machine faults after each iteration.

The complete Industry 4.0 package

Our root cause analysis is powerful alone, but it’s more valuable in combination with our fault diagnosis, fault prediction and service planning algorithms.

Fault diagnosis

Monitor your assets in real-time to identify a machine fault – either performance or health related – and determine the level of severity.

Failure Prediction

Determining when a condition leads to a critical machine failure and calculate the remaining useful life of the machine.

Service order generation

Act on predictions and prioritise automatically generated service orders in the CMMS  based on the potential impact of machine OEE.

Service planning

Plan the right maintenance engineer for the right service order. Know exactly who has to be where and do what.

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