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Labour Demand Forecasting

Get accurate insights in future demand and act correspondingly when making staffing decisions. Our algorithms translate historical data and other aspects, like seasonality and employee types, into clear action points for your workforce scheduling operations.

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Workforce Optimisation

Schedule shifts and assign people based on demand forecastings to reduce overtime and shift premiums. Our intelligent algorithms take staffing needs and labor laws in account to optimise your workforce management while maintaining the desired service level.

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Pick & Pack

Streamline picking & packing processes from online orders and maximise capacity utilisation in your warehouses with the minimum required number of employees. Our smart solutions reduce the number of pick tasks, touched aisles and time per task, resulting in overall capacity gains.

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Logistics & Distribution

Automate the optimisation of daily logistical & distribution schedules. From allocating trucks for pickups and deliveries to route optimisation, our tailored algorithms improve SLA, reduce logistics cost, and maximise asset efficiency.

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The platform to automatically train, run and manage your AI

The Algorithm Factory designs, runs and manages all your algorithms, guaranteeing quality, availability, security and endless scalability. That’s how we ensure you can always rely on your algorithms to run your operations.

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