Turn your data into useful data

Kick start your predictive maintenance by labeling, storing and detecting your machine faults.

Data labeling: the only road to detecting machine faults

Our labeling service is the first step towards digitising your knowledge.

Store valuable knowledge

Label machine data, make the link to the root cause of faults and store these in your digital knowledge base.

Gain data driven understanding

Validate assumptions about machine behaviour with data and discover new ones.

Continuous improvement

Add more labels and improve your algorithms step by step.

The fastest and most accurate way to useful data

Expert in control

Collaborate with experts to build trust and increase transparency of decision making.

Configure in minutes

With our tool to label data, The Label Engine, a label is created and stored in just minutes.

Start small, scale fast

Apply the knowledge base of your first asset to newly connected assets and scale quickly.

Continuously build your knowledge base

Our labeling service helps you to create useful data by building up your knowledge base of faults. However, as each asset is unique, we need your expertise to add asset-specific context to them. This asset-specific context is stored in their individual knowledge base. 

The knowledge base(s) you build up serve as the foundation for the implementation of scalable fault diagnosis, failure prediction and the ability to optimise your operations. 

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