Lead in the after sales market

AI services for Original Equipment Manufacturers

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The OEM market is changing

The technical workforce is aging

30% of your loyal workforce is about to retire. Be sure to retain their knowledge and provide more service with an even smaller workforce.

Customers want more

Customers are expecting better quality, increased lifetime, more transparency and a better TCO while product complexity increases. How will you deliver this?

Laws are changing

Safety standards and environmental laws are becoming stricter. How will you make sure you keep your license to operate and create a sustainable business?

New capabilities improve your - and your customer’s - maintenance operations.

To improve your service levels and to create a sustainable source of income from services and aftermarket products, you need improved insights in your own and your customers products and production processes. Lead in the after market by offering managed services and performance contracts.

Diagnose faults remotely and offer remote troubleshooting.

Predict maintenance and maximise uptime.

Optimise your spare parts inventory and offering to customers (JIT)

Forecast demand for service jobs and optimise your service operation.

AI services for uptime, performance, safety and compliance for OEMs.

Get to the bottom of your data

with Root Cause Analysis

Understand your asset by building a digital knowledge base of patterns and link them to their root causes.

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Automatically know what is happening

With Fault Diagnosis

Apply your digital knowledge base to automatically diagnose a fault when it occurs and take action directly.

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