Act on your machine data

Deploy hundreds and thousands of fault diagnosis services that surf through your machine data in search of valuable insights

The AI approach to understanding your machine

Configure a fault diagnosis service for all your faults in a matter of minutes.

Creating intelligence was never easier

Build on your knowledge base and configure a fault diagnosis service in minutes.

Improve your first time right

Know what specific fault is present when it occurs and how to solve it.

Save time

Automate repetitive maintenance tasks or diagnoses and use the time of your valuable staff to focus on complex issues.

The shortest path to automatic fault diagnosis

Continuously Improve decision making

Extend the service with each user input and improve it by providing feedback to make it more accurate over time.

Easily scale fault diagnosis

Diagnose faults for multiple different assets by using their asset-specific knowledge bases.

Integrate with your system

Integrate the conclusions of your fault diagnosis into any system, for example as an inspection order in your Asset Management System.

Fault Diagnosis: Powered by Root Cause Analysis

Our fault diagnosis service will use and extend your knowledge base to detect faults in your machine data and will notify you when they reoccur.

Our proprietary self-learning algorithms will use every newly detected fault and your feedback to improve its decision making.


The complete Predictive Maintenance AI services

Our Fault Diagnosis is powerful alone, but it’s more valuable in combination with our Root Cause Analysis, Fault Prediction and Service Planning AI services.

Root Cause Analysis

Label data patterns with relevant expert knowledge and build the knowledge base that shows you why maintenance decisions are made.  

Failure Prediction

Determining when a condition leads to a critical machine failure and calculate the remaining useful life of the machine.

Service order generation

Act on predictions and prioritise automatically generated service orders in the CMMS  based on the potential impact of machine OEE.

Service planning

Plan the right maintenance engineer for the right service order. Know exactly who has to be where and do what.

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