Drive autonomous Maritime decision-making in

Terminals. Assets. Workforce.

Get accurate cargo flow forecasts, optimise terminal planning, roster workforce and predict machine and fleet performance.


This is what we do

Cargo flow forecasting

Get accurate forecasts on cargo volume and ship arrivals and act correspondingly in all aspects of the logistics chain. Our algorithms translate historical (AIS) data into clear action points for terminal planning.

Terminal planning

Automate berth scheduling and vessel/order allocation based on cargo flow forecastings to reduce lead time and increase capacity efficiency. Our intelligent algorithms take all terminal resources in account to maximise terminal throughput.

Workforce Optimisation

Schedule shifts and assign people based on terminal plannings to reduce overtime and shift premiums. Our custom algorithms take staffing needs and labor laws in account to optimise your workforce management while maintaining the desired service level.

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Predictive Analytics

Analyse sensor data, predict failures and automatically generate preventive maintenance orders for machinery. Our smart solutions predict future performance and maintenance of machines to prevent downtime and unscheduled interventions.

The platform to automatically train, run and manage your AI

The Algorithm Factory designs, runs and manages all your algorithms, guaranteeing quality, availability, security and endless scalability. That’s how we ensure you can always rely on your algorithms to run your operations.

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