Act on your machine data

Deploy hundreds and thousands of fault diagnosis services that surf through your machine data in search of valuable insights

Know what is happening

Deploy a fault diagnosis service for every fault. Each service makes use of machine-specific context and knowledge of your experts to make the best decisions.

Detect faults

You don’t have time to monitor all your machines. Let technology monitor all your assets at once and get notified when faults occur or when performance is off.

Improve your first time right

Know where and what fault occurs and how you can solve it immediately.

Maintain when necessary

Make maintenance decisions based on actual machine condition and avoid spending your resources on risk-averse preventive maintenance plans.

The shortest path to automatic fault diagnosis

Continuously improve the accuracy of the diagnosis

Validate algorithm outcomes and improve its accuracy over time with every new user input.

Easily scale fault diagnosis to all your assets

Replicate the general knowledge base to scale and add context-specific information to increase accuracy.

Avoid dashboard overload: keep using the system you know

Show results of your fault diagnosis in any system. Receive a service job in your asset management system, via SMS or email.

Fault Diagnosis: Powered by Root Cause Analysis

Our fault diagnosis service will use and extend your knowledge base to detect faults in your machine data and will notify you when they will reoccur in your system of preference.

Our underlying self-learning algorithms will store and use every newly detected fault and your feedback to improve the accuracy of fault detections.

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