Kronos Integrations

Improving performance through automated rostering

Hyperlocal Forecasting for Kronos Users

Forecasting is crucial for getting your planning right. The more you can look ahead, the better you can match supply and demand, and make sure you have sufficient people to staff your operations.

Kronos standard forecasting has set the bar – and we’ve taken forecasting to the next level.

Widget Brain provides the ability to set up forecasting models for any demand driver in your business on a local (shop level) and automatically runs and manages all forecasting models automatically. The software detects which forecasting model is most accurate and deploys the right mathematical method for each situation. Forecasting values are automatically monitored and when dropped under a specific threshold, Widget Brain will then automatically deploy a new method to maintain accuracy. Let’s face it: if you base your decisions on accurate forecasts, we need to step up our game.

I have Kronos, Why do I need Widget Brain?

Hyper local accuracy

Kronos Forecasting requires the user to manually select a forecasting model per demand driver. The user can choose between a couple of heuristics and one Machine learning model. The thing is: Every location is different and requires a unique approach. If you have 100 locations and 5 demand drivers, you will need to manually select 500 models.

At Widget Brain, we deliver a solution that automatically selects the best forecasting approach for every demand driver for every location from more than 30 forecasting methods. We keep continuously keep this up to date which results in a far higher accuracy, and it increases the robustness. Because demand drivers behave differently or even change their behaviour over time (e..g model drift), each local demand driver will automatically be matched with algorithms. This results in higher initial accuracy per demand driver per location and also lowers the total cost of ownership when maintaining thousands of forecasting models across your business.

Widget Brain Outlier Detection

Data quality is key for generating good forecasts. However, tagging every past event in your data is time-consuming and practically impossible. Unexpected store closures, road works, renovations, or promotions should be tagged in the data to achieve better accuracy. Maintaining this is not realistic, especially when you’re a large organisation with many locations that each have their own events.

Widget Brain has automated outlier detection. If you, for example, close your location for renovation, we automatically detect this in the data and filter out the values for future reference. This has a high impact on accuracy and drastically reduces the model maintenance effort.


Widget Brain Advanced Forecasting works with the latest in scalable cloud technology. Due to the Widget Brain software design, the solution is incredibly fast and scalable, which allows users to train and deploy forecasts for any organisation, from local shops to big organisations with tens of thousands of employees and 1.000s of locations.

  • Average computation time has reduced 10 times
  • Average computing cost has reduced tenfold as well

Access to team of experts.

At Widget Brain we are obsessed with making the best schedules for you. We are the world’s largest employee scheduling company with offices around the world. We, therefore, see it as our mission to deliver the best employee schedules possible.

Customers do not buy technology. They buy business results.

Our customers pay a monthly subscription fee for better forecasts and schedules. And that is what we deliver. We’ll work side by side with your best workforce managers to improve your employee happiness, stay compliant and ultimately drive the best possible performance into your scheduling process.