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Industrial Equipment

Algorithms as a service for industrial equipment

Widget Brain helps OEMs to add digital functionality to their machinery with the Algorithm Factory. It allows OEMs to monitor and analyse their machinery in real time and learn how customers are using their equipment.

Industrial Equipment

Our algorithms

Monitor & Control

Monitor and control your assets remotely. Use our secure Edge technology to get live insights into the current status of your machinery and intervene when necessary from any place, at any time.

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Performance Analytics & Optimisation

Analyse your machine’s performance in the past and predict the performance in the future. Recognise changing environmental conditions or operational issues, and send alerts to the appropriate team members within your service organisation.

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Asset Health

Minimise unplanned downtime by automatically identifying equipment that need maintenance or will need maintenance soon. Optimise parts sales and inventory by getting a clear picture usage patterns and remaining useful life.

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Service Planning

Optimise your service organisation by moving maintenance from a rigid, reactive schedule to dynamic, forward-looking, condition-based planning. Generate and prioritise work orders to a build plan based on predictions (future OEE, future asset health, and available capacity).

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ALFA in action

This is how we do it

ALFA digitises data from your equipment and surrounding systems. This data is analysed and structured in order to understand what is going on. You can select which modules you want to activate in order to automate your decision making.


Value through access

Data when you need it. ALFA uses edge processing to manage, filter, and optimise communication between disparate devices (machines) and the centralised cloud. We collect your machine data, wherever, however you have it, giving you access at any given time.

We collect data through:

  • Raw sensor data
  • Modbus
  • PLC
  • Scada
  • MES
  • Partners/Customers


Value through predictions

ALFA applies smart algorithms to the data collected to recognise patterns, classify alerts, and identify trends. This data is the foundation for future analysis and micro-services. All (raw) data is available through API.

Our available technologies:

  • Machine learning algorithms recognise patterns in your data
  • Time series and forecasting algorithms are predicting what will happen next
  • Deep learning will show you patterns over different pieces of equipment


Value through decisions

Real business value is created by implementing data driving autonomous decision making. Activate the algorithm of your choice for your machinery and task, and start automating your decision process. Decision data is transferred back into your ERP/EAM systems.

Our optimisation capabilities:

  • Monitor & Control
  • Performance Analytics & Optimisation
  • Asset Health
  • Service Planning

“We didn’t really know what we wanted. We figured that out with Widget Brain and now our trial is starting. The people at Widget Brain are driven and smart, with an international approach to the world.”

Gosling Putto, Houdijk Holland 

Case study

The Algorithm Factory

The platform to automatically train, run and manage your AI


Use algorithms to automate your operational decision-making and outperform competitors on quality, product offering and service level while reducing costs. As the number of algorithms grows, you’ll need more resources to secure their reliability and scalability.


The Algorithm Factory designs, runs and manages all your algorithms, guaranteeing quality, availability, security and endless scalability. That’s how we ensure you can always rely on your algorithms to run your operations.


Always on

Endless Scalability

Add as many as you like


Guaranteed accuracy


Your data stays your data





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