Transform guest experience by offering the service you have in mind

Use AI to get the right staff whenever and wherever they’re needed.

No surprises

Be well prepared for future guests by forecasting exactly what their needs will be.


The waiting is over. Your guests will always be first in line.

Positive Experiences

A warm welcome, clean rooms and quality service - only realised by professionals with a smile.

Avoid surprises with highly accurate forecasts

1. Forecasting future guest demand

First, we need to forecast how many guests you can expect in the future, which is crucial for pricing and operations. Demand for hotels is highly fluctuating due to local events, promotions, seasonality and reviews. We deliver a solution that adapts to every hotel and takes external factors into account, delivering you the highest accuracy per hotel.

2. Translating demand into required headcount

So now we know how many guests will arrive and rooms to rent out. How many front-desk staff, housekeepers, bartenders and security guards do we need at what time to cover the demand? Use your labour standards and our demand-to-labour allocator to adequately translate expected demand into required headcount.

Automate your hotel employee scheduling

3. Creating blank shifts to cover demand

To make sure there are enough people to serve guests, we need to translate the required labour into shifts that we can assign to staff to. We make the right amount of shifts to cover shifts and meet service level requirements, without driving labour costs. Shifts are made for every role, taking breaks, contract-depending hours and other local laws into account.

4. Assigning shifts to your staff

So who will be working when? Your staff obviously has a preference on when to take leave and when to work. We make sure schedules obey as many preferences as possible, while making sense economically and taking fatigue and compliance rules into account. We also help you bring labour laws violations to an absolute minimum and prevent contractual under or over hours.

Plan your long term employee mix

Get strategic staffing recommendations

Do you want to know how many front-desk staff, housekeepers and waiters you will need to train and hire in the next six months? As the hotel business is dynamic, an accurate assessment is difficult to make. Our capacity management solutions help you to make a workforce outlook with an optimal mix of outsourced and your own employees based on expected demand, costs, employee turnover and seasonality. This way, you will make gut-feel decision making something from the past.

Automated employee schedules at your service

Our solutions do not replace your current solutions, but enhance them. This way, your hotel staff’s workflow will stay the same and we avoid long development cycles.

What does the implementation look like?

  1. We retrieve data from your current WFM system.
  2. Our algorithms use that data to optimise your forecasts and schedules
  3. Your forecasts and schedules will be shown in your system’s interface in seconds.


Want to learn how your guest experience can be transformed?

A positive guest experience is enabled by happy employees. Request a demo to learn how your customer AND employee satisfaction can be increased by creating fair schedules using our automated employee scheduling tool.