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Get to know us: Viktor Nikolayenko – Full Stack Developer

“I like our company for two reasons. Firstly, its people. … Secondly, again the people.” 


Viktor Nikolayenko | Full Stack Developer at Widget Brain


In your own words, explain what you do for Widget Brain?

“I’m the guy in the team who puts together final product: what our customers will see. I’m the guy who makes our data and algorithms visible and useful to the client with a simple mouse click.”


What does a regular day at the job look like?

“Every day is like a race against the clock for the best view on the screen :). My worst enemy is time, but I like the challenge. It’s the main thing to win here, so I always try to prepare for the next day. I always try to leave the office with thoughts in my head about tomorrow’s tasks, how to prepare data and the functionality behind every button better and where this button should be located. This allows me to start a new day with a fresh mind, but an awesome cup of coffee also helps.”


What has been one of the biggest challenges of this job?

“With great power comes great responsibility. If something does work not correctly, I am the first to know about it. That’s because if an error is noticed, it’s always noticed on the front end first. Since I’m responsible for that part, I will be the one trying to find the real reason behind the error and fix it. It’s the toughest part of my job, because you need to check all the way from what happens on the browser to what we have done with the data.”


What do you like best about working at Widget Brain?

“I like our company for two reasons. Firstly, its people. Everyone here is different, but everyone has something in common. Each person is passionate about their role in the team. Even though I don’t know how sales, marketing and business consulting works, I hear every week about the results we have, how professional all these guys and girls around me are and how passionate they are about it. Secondly, again the people. We are all located in different parts of the globe, but you will still feel like you have friends around you. Everyone will try to help and improve something to make your life easier.”


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