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Get to know us: Margarita Jevsignejeva – Customer Success Manager

“It’s a little bit boring to create the 100th same thing, but we are creating something that never was really there before. That’s both cool for us and for the client!”  


Margarita Jevsignejeva | Customer Success Manager at Widget Brain


What do you do for Widget Brain?

“My job title used to be ‘business consultant’, but since we’re offering a standardised product and consulting is a thing of the past, my new one is Customer success Manager. My responsibilities have stayed the same: I try to understand what our clients want and need and, together with the technical team, create the best solution for them.”


What’s the best part of this job?

“My favorite part of this role is that the process is very creative. The whole team (me, developers, and the client) creates a solution that is very new and innovative. Something that wasn’t there before and truly adds value for the client. During that process, one person says something, someone else gets inspired by that. It rolls like a snowball and it is very interesting to see how the idea is generated and how it develops further. That makes it a truly creative process and, yeah, that’s my favorite part.”


What’s the biggest challenge of this job?

“My biggest challenge is that I don’t have any technical background. I mostly have management and marketing experience. When first joining a tech-intensive company like Widget Brain, I was very curious how my skill set would fit in and as it turned out, this was not a deal breaker. Yes, I sometimes need a little more time to understand certain topics, but with the helpful team we have here, that’s not a problem. And most importantly: I learn so much every day!


What is it like to work at Widget Brain?

“It’s really cool to work at Widget Brain. My favorite thing is to see how every single person here is truly excited about what we are doing.  Everyone is passionate, involved and putting maximum effort to get the best end result. It’s really inspiring, even when you struggle a bit with something. That’s also why I really look forward to going to work every morning, because I know we’ll be doing something cool. That’s what it is like to work at Widget Brain: you really feel inspired and motivated by the team around you.”


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