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Davey Water Products

Brief introduction of the company
Davey is Australia and New Zealand's international water products company. Davey Water Products designs, builds and sells products for the transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration of water.


The challenge the company faced
Leakage detection is an ongoing problem for every pump manufacturer. Failure to detect leaks affects performance and increases operating costs for customers. The challenge is to gain insights on the causes and effects of these leakages, prevent these in the future and to increase OEE of the water pumps.


The solution we came up with
In order to prevent leakages, leakages have to be detected first. Sensors make it possible to do this in real time and automatically trigger warnings when water pressure reaches a critical level. By connecting assets through our intelligent platform, these pumps can be turned on and off from a distance by customers. When more data is collected from the pumps, our leak detection and fill rate predictions algorithms can recognise patterns and anomalies in pressure, water flow, motor speed, current and voltage, which enables performance forecasts of the water pumps and condition-based/predictive maintenance. The ultimate goal is to make the pumps autonomous in decision-making and to automate maintenance scheduling to maximize OEE.


Thanks to The Algorithm Factory, predictions are automatically monitored and checked for accuracy. The platform also allows one algorithm to scale across all tanks and pumps without having to write separate code for each one. 


Used Services: AWS Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk and DynamoDB.


Read more about the vision, challenges and reasonings of Davey in our interview.

“Working with Widget Brain has been really good. We have four projects now and that kind of collaborative and agile development is beneficial. Communication and progress have been good too. We are hitting milestones and getting the results we need.”

Industry: Maintenance Scheduling

Regions: Australia and New Zealand

Examples of our tech embedded solutions:

Monsoon IQ

  • Sensors pick up real-time data
  • Sends alerts to all types of devices
  • Allows remote monitor and control

Remote Firefighter

  • Sensors measure temperature
  • Sends alerts to all types of devices
  • Remote control of property water transfer system


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