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GP Groot

Introduction of the company

GP Groot is a leading recycling company in the Netherlands, with coverage in North Holland and the west side of the Randstad. GP Groot is active in collection and processing of residential, commercial and hazardous waste. 


The challenge they faced

One of the core values of GP Groot is sustainability. Therefore GP Groot is heavily investing in technology to reduce kilometres driven per pickup or delivery, while increasing service levels. Recycling operations are known to be a complex operation, with multiple types of waste/fractions that need to be transported to different processing sites. Orders are coming in throughout the day, making the operation even more complex and dynamic. 


The solutions we came up with

Different types of collection require different types of optimisation. We identified 4 types of waste collection with specific requirements. Together with GP Groot we set up a sprint planning to implement the different services. The moment you move to autonomous planning you require an end to end approach within an organisation, starting with structured order intake.


Route optimisation has been around for decades. What makes this project interesting is the combination with ALFA, that computes complex restricted cluster analysis together with route optimisation in seconds, instead of hours or nights as is done by embedded systems. This allows businesses to (re-)optimise on the fly, instead of having rigid operations.

Industries: Recycling

Regions: The Netherlands


Create the overview

  • Make historical overview of locations per SKIP
  • Map historical locations and current locations

Start clustering

  • Define inventory and capacity per depot
  • Automatically cluster SKIPs in the depot
  • Couple with ERP for overview of rented SKIPs in coming future and inventory per depot

Automate planning

  • Define types of orders (switch, pick-up, drop off, etc)
  • Optimisation based on locations, stacking rules, customer preferences, etc)
  • Automation of order planning

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