Workforce Optimisation For Movie Theatres

Let the premovie begin

Offer the best service before the film begins with fast ticket handling and shelves filled with the most popular drinks and snacks.

Offer the same experience

Have the same short lines and cleanliness throughout the week, from auditoriums to restrooms - day in, day out.

Enable your employees

Facilitate that smile on their faces by providing schedules to your employees that enforce breaks and fit in their personal lives.

Cinema specific driven demand forecasting

1. Determining expected audience in your cinemas

By accurately forecasting ticket demand combined with your timetable, we allow theaters to better staff and operate their box offices, auditoriums, and concession counters. We forecast demand based on (local) events, promotions, seasonality and movie popularity. Since every theater is unique, we make an unique forecast to fit every individual theater’s specifications. Widget Brain Hyperlocal Demand Forecasting delivers this in an automated, scalable way, without local configuration.

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2. Translating audience into headcount

Based on your demand, you need to forecast the required headcount for each of your type of employees. We translate the demand per demand driver, like sold tickets and popcorn boxes, into cashiers, concession staff, ushers and managers. Expect 40 visitors between 9PM and 9:15PM? Depending on handling time and role requirement, you’ll need about two cashiers during that period - which will be automatically calculated by our labour standard algorithms.

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Automatically Scheduling Your Employees

3. Creating rule and demand compliant shifts

Based on your demand and required service level, we make sure to create shifts that cover that demand but also consider all other necessary tasks like cleaning and replenishment. Furthermore, our shift creation algorithms automatically create shifts that adhere to special labour laws and break rules that for example count for evening shifts.

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4. Assigning the right people to shifts

Your staff obviously has a preference when to work and when they’d rather have off. We make sure your schedule abides by as many preferences as possible, while making a roster that makes sense economically and takes fatigue and compliance rules into account. Of course, we also help you bring labour laws violations to an absolute minimum and prevent contractual under or over hours.

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Does your cinema have a Brad Pitt bias?

Predicting movie popularity and maximising attendance

Do you want to maximise profitability? Look no further. Our AI technology calculates the best daily mix of movies and corresponding showtimes to increase attendance rate and to make most use of your capacity. That mix is based on cinema capacity and accurate demand forecasts per movie and cinema. Using public data of similar movies and combining that with cinema-specific data, we can project which cinema has a Brad Pitt bias, which movie will be a success and which movie will attract a big audience within that cinema.

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Streamline the cinema experience of the future

To speed up implementation, Widget Brain enhances your current application landscape and does not replace it. Your staff can keep on working with the same systems, preventing difficult implementation cycles and integrations.

What does the implementation look like?

  1. We retrieve data from your current systems.
  2. Our algorithms use that data to optimise your forecasts and schedules
  3. Your forecasts and schedules will be shown in your system’s interface in seconds.