Is $500,000 walking out of your store this christmas?

Under and over-coverage could be costing you customers & revenue this Christmas period. We’ve got the insights to make sure you’ve got the right team to handle the rush and make the most out of the season!

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Under and Over-Coverage

The biggest opportunity for retailers this Christmas period is in addressing over & under-coverage. Not having the right people in the right place at the right time leads to a poor customer experience, revenue walking out the door and staff that are run off their feet.

Over Coverage

Over-coverage is the result of miss matching labour and demand, generally from poor forecasting

What happens?

  • Staff are unutilised;
  • Staff are bored and morale is low;
  • Costs increase and profitability declines

Under Coverage

Under-coverage is the more extreme result where a poor forecast is miss matched with the required staff.

What happens?

  • Staff members are overworked unhappy;
  • Customers are annoyed at longer queue times;
  • Lack of customer support and poor store organisation;
  • Poor customer experiences; and
  • Revenue walking out the door
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How it costs you

1) Increased Labour Costs
Over-staffing increases labour costs un-necessarily. Profitability declines, staff are under utilised and productivity decreases.

2) Poor customer experiences

Customers don’t forget long queue times, distracted staff or poor store presentation. Undercoverage is a short and long-term cost, reducing customer experience and loyalty.

3) Lost revenue

Unserviced customers means money walking out the door and heading to your competitors.



How it can be fixed


Matching the supply and demand of labour is harder than it sounds.

It starts with being able to accurately forecast sales store by store, looking at what drivers are impacting each store.

Then using the available types and requirements of labour build a shift pattern that delivers on both cost and service levels through coverage!

On average we find that retailers have over-coverage of 12% but under-coverage during peaks of 22%!

How we can help

Widget Brain are the specialists when it comes to retail optimisation.

Using a wealth of experience in retail and advanced algorithms and AI technology we're able to provide accurate and scalable solutions.

Getting started is easier than you think, book a consultation with one of our specialists to discuss how we can help today.

  • 96% Labour Spending
  • 30% Less employees
    with rule violation
  • 10% Lower Scheduling
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Here’s a quick checklist of what you would need to get started and capitalise on the Christmas rush this year. 

    • Sales or transaction data (6 months or more)
    • Footfall data (6 months or more): or Labour standard or similar
    • Historical rosters for the Christmas period
    • Rostering rules (maximum number of shifts, shift lengths, consecutive days etc.)



How much is walking out of your store?

Based on your actual data, we can tell you what your under and over-coverage, revenue opportunity and potential cost savings are. Request a demo and start optimising your schedules today.