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Change Week 2018 – The Highlights

What do you get when 23 Widget Brain employees from all over the world flood the Rotterdam office? A very cosy work environment!


Last week, also known as Change Week, all Widget Brain employees from all over the world came together to set new goals and to align visions. We got to know colleagues we only knew by face and voice, but have never really met before. We also had numerous workshops to reflect, discuss and define new ‘going forwards’.


We worked, but we also spend a great time together. We enjoyed sports, ate delicious food and cruised the waters of Rotterdam.


Sadly, we’re almost waving our international colleagues goodbye. We will continue to work hard on our new goals to make sure we grow as a company, in all aspects of the spectrum.


Up to next year’s change week with probably a lot more employees!

(… and hopefully at the Australian office for all sorts of reasons)