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Widget Brain offers the best schedules ever made. Using AI-driven scheduling automation, we reduce workforce scheduling and maintenance scheduling from 10 hours per week to just 15 minutes. We're in the Financial Times Top 1000 European fast-growing companies 2020 and recognised as one of the hottest tech startups by Techleap.

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We are a high tech people's company based in Australia, Europe, and North America. We listen. We innovate. We build relations. We perform.




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We do what we do because we believe that AI is the future. The reason is that we truly believe that AI is better for humans than humans. With the vision that AI is fairer and more transparent, we dedicate ourselves to creating schedules everyone loves. From planners to employees to customers, with AI we improve the quality of their lives.




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Employee happiness, business performance and compliance are all factors that have to be taken into account when making schedules. Considering all priorities, preferences, service levels and laws results in sub-optimal schedules that can easily take hours to make. Using AI-driving scheduling automation, we make the best schedules in just a few minutes.

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Our AI-driven scheduling automation is powered by our individual services that support each part of the scheduling process. From forecasting future staffing requirements to actually scheduling based on the defined priorities. These services are plugged into systems in use to guarantee easy integration and exceptional scale.