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We are the first to bring world-class algorithms, endless scalability and easy integration into a single product: The Algorithm Factory (ALFA). ALFA helps businesses to avoid costly operations and have excellent service models that create real business value as a result. Our experienced project teams have a proven track record to get complex projects done within large organisations and will help you to select the right technology to obtain your business goals.

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We value people and the environment.  We are a high tech software company based in Europe, North America and Australia. We listen. We innovate. We build relations. We perform.




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We do what we do because we believe a smarter world is a better world. A world where companies make data driven decisions to cut costs, provide better services and where we make it more sustainable.




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We try to make the world better by implementing state of the art technology in an iterative process, where we connect data and assets to ALFA and optimise from there.

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We design, build and run algorithms that make autonomous decision making possible. We boost performances by analysing data and making business processes more efficient.